Our stainless steel fabrication expansion is now open!

We have expanded our operations with a brand-new, segregated stainless steel fabrication facility. Over the last month, we moved into an extra 35,000 square foot space adjacent to our current operation at 400 New Huntington Street in Woodbridge.  This best-in-class facility provides us with additional capacity and improves our productivity and efficiency. It will help us offer more servic...
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Skid Package

With our wide variety of skills, we have developed an expertise in total skid package fabrication and assembly.  We can work from your 3D model to produce detailed design and fabrication drawings of the packaged components, and be the turnkey supplier for your project. This skid package project was for a steam turbine surface condenser. We worked closely with our customer and the end user...
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Modular plant

module, modular fabrication, skid mounted equipment, carbon capture and storage
In recent years, we have seen an increase in the demand for modular plant fabrication, and have developed a particular expertise in these projects. This project involved 16 individual modules, each designed to fit on a single truck, to be erected and connected on site. We have the capability to fabricate the structural steel modules, including the required platforms, ladders, and railings. We can ...
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Custom Heat Exchangers, Condensers, and Economizers

heat exchanger manufacturer, condenser, shell and tube condenser, heat exchanger, shell and tube heat exchanger
These condensers are a couple of the largest we have built to date. Each is over 40' in length, contains over 4,000 brass tubes, and weighs over 125,000 pounds. We fabricated the shells, assembled the internals, including all of the baffle plates and stiffener rods, and inserted and expanded all of the tubes. We hydrotested the units in our facility, and because of their high weight-to-size ratio...
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Custom Flare Drum Manufacturing for Specialized Applications

flare seal drum, flare system, flare seal, stack, flare drum, flare stack, flare stack fabrication, flare stack fabricator
This flare drum had a 15' diameter shell, and was approximately 18' by 18' in shipping envelope. This was the biggest unit that Alps had undertaken to fabricate at the time. A very sophisticated piece of equipment, with complicated internals, the vessel weighed over 155,000 pounds when it was complete. We fabricated the vessel and partially insulated it prior to shipment in order to save work at t...
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Deaerator Fabrication to Your Specification

Deaerator storage tank, water treatment, carbon steel, pressure vessel, pressure vessel fabrication, deaerator fabrication
Alps Welding has been manufacturing for deaerator designers for over 30 years. With 30 feet under the crane hook and 70 tons of lifting capacity, we can undertake some large projects and offer capabilities to our customers that other fabrication shops simply cannot. For this project, we fabricated a pair of vessels, a heater and storage tank, which are designed to stack on top of each other vertic...
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Flare Stack Fabrication to Your Custom Design

flare stack, flare stack fabricator, stack fabricator, liquid seal, liquid seal fabrication, USA
One of the first projects we executed in our new facility, this flare stack demonstrated the advantage that our new building would give us in this industry sector.  We manufactured the 200-foot tall stack in three sections, with the largest section weighing over 108,000 pounds.  Because of the size of our facility, our crane capacity, and our height under the crane hook, we were able to ...
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Liquid Seal Fabrication for Critical Delivery

liquid seal fabrication, liquid seal fabricator, liquid seal, carbon steel, refinery equipment
Our excellent reputation as a liquid seal fabricator has been earned through experience. Over the years, our commitment to customer service has allowed us to develop a reputation as the "go-to" shop for projects with a tight timeline or that have run into trouble.  On numerous occasions, we have been asked to help "save" a project from an unforeseen problem in supply or scheduling. In this ...
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