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Liquid Seal

Custom Flare Drum Manufacturing for Specialized Applications

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This flare drum had a 15' diameter shell, and was approximately 18' by 18' in shipping envelope. This was the biggest unit that Alps had undertaken to fabricate at the time. A very sophisticated piece of equipment, with complicated internals, the vessel weighed over 155,000 pounds when it was complete. We fabricated the vessel and partially insulated it prior to shipment in order to save work at t...
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Liquid Seal Fabrication for Critical Delivery

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Our excellent reputation as a liquid seal fabricator has been earned through experience. Over the years, our commitment to customer service has allowed us to develop a reputation as the "go-to" shop for projects with a tight timeline or that have run into trouble.  On numerous occasions, we have been asked to help "save" a project from an unforeseen problem in supply or scheduling. In this ...
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