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Our Company is growing, and we are looking for good people to join our team in a variety of fabrication jobs! We offer competitive pay, full-time hours, and excellent benefits. On top of that, we strive to be the best place to work in the industry. We believe in teamwork, hard work, and learning every day. Working at Alps will provide you with an opportunity to grow by working on exciting projects at a fast pace. If you’re a positive person who thrives when you’re part of a strong team, come and work with us!  

We are actively recruiting for:

Fabrication Engineer.  At Alps Welding, we build complex, critical, and highly engineered equipment for our customers, and we need proactive, creative, knowledgeable, and organized engineers to support our team. As a Fabrication Engineer at Alps, you need to have solid experience in designing pressure vessels and other static process equipment and know the manufacturing steps required to build the equipment. Fabrication Engineers perform vessel calculations, create 3D models and fabrication drawings, and work with team members to specify weld procedures and the manufacturing sequence. Our engineers are involved in projects from beginning to end, supporting our Sales, Procurement, Project Management, Production, and Quality teams to ensure we exceed our customers’ on-time delivery and quality expectations. Every project and customer is different, from simple to complex and from small to enormous, presenting new challenges and new opportunities to learn about a range of industries, processes, and materials. We build pressure vessels, heat exchangers, piping systems, skid-mounted processes, stacks, tanks, and various other specialized equipment. Our engineering team is growing in size and skills, and there are opportunities for growth, development, and advancement. If you are interested in a challenging job where you can put your knowledge to work, and learn and grow your skills, check out the job description at the end of this posting. Please send us your resume at hiring@alpswelding.com. Please put “Fabrication Engineer” in the subject line. Alps Fabrication Engineer Job Description

Fabrication Supervisor. We have a large team of skilled tradespeople working on many projects simultaneously. We are looking for experienced, motivated, energetic people to take on the supervision of these skilled teams in executing our projects to make sure we deliver on time and on budget. You need to have several years of experience as a welder or fitter and have the people skills to direct work on several teams working in parallel. You’ll need to work closely with our Lead Hands, Production Manager, QC inspectors, and Project Managers, to make sure our fabrication teams are doing the right work at the right time to make our customers happy. Send an email with your resume to hiring@alpswelding.com, and put “Fabrication Supervisor” in the subject line. Alps Fabrication Supervisor Job Description.

Fitters / Lead Hands.  Our fitters are the core of our fabrication process.  Our team consists of the best master craftsmen in the industry.  If you want to work on interesting, highly engineered custom equipment, from oversized vessels weighing hundreds of thousands of pounds to high-spec, tight-tolerance custom process equipment, join us at Alps.  We expect our fitters to be able to read drawings, plan jobs, and manage helpers to bring jobs to completion.  If you are learning the trade, we also have spots for apprentices and other trainees to work alongside our elite group of experienced craftsmen.  If you’re one of those elite craftsmen, consider being one of our Lead Hands and supervising a small fabrication team.  Send an email to hiring@alpswelding.com, and put “Fitter” or “Lead Hand” in the subject line!

Welders.  If you are a high-end welder, who wants to work on interesting projects where only the best quality is acceptable, join us at Alps!  Our customers rely on us to provide them with the best welding quality in the world, and our team delivers.  Whether your specialty is MIG, TIG, or Subarc, we have interesting projects for you to work on.  If you are still learning the trade and are looking for a place to hone your skills alongside the best in the business, come to Alps.  We need experienced specialists, and we are looking to invest in the next generation of experts as well.  Send an email to hiring@alpswelding.com, and put “Welder” in the subject line!

Fabrication Assistant.  Our fitters and welders need help!  This is an excellent opportunity to work alongside some of the best metal fabricators in the world.  You will help with setups, material handling, and material preparation and finishing.  You can use hand tools and small power tools such as a drill and angle grinder.  Also, you must have the ability to work in imperial and metric units, have good reading and listening skills, and have mechanical aptitude.  If you have the right attitude, this job provides the opportunity to become a high-end welder or fitter in a demanding and competitive field. Send an email to hiring@alpswelding.com, and put “Fabrication Assistant” in the subject line!

If you think you would make a positive contribution to the Alps team, please email hiring@alpswelding.com to let us know more about you.