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Skid Package

With our wide variety of skills, we have developed an expertise in total skid package fabrication and assembly.  We can work from your 3D model to produce detailed design and fabrication drawings of the packaged components, and be the turnkey supplier for your project.

This skid package project was for a steam turbine surface condenser. We worked closely with our customer and the end user to integrate the package:  we fabricated the condenser, support skid and piping spools, and assembled all components and instrumentation.  As a one-stop-shop, we also did all the electrical wiring, and conducted performance tests. Finally, we disassembled components as required to optimize shipping costs and on-site commissioning.

The carbon steel condenser had a 3’ 8” diameter and 24’ overall length, with a tube bundle of 1,140 stainless stee tubes of ¾” diameter. It was built and certified to ASME, TEMA and HEI standards.

Skid Package Project Specification

Industry: Power
Material: Carbon steel and Stainless steel
Type of equipment: Condenser skid package

Steam turbine surface condenser package