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Deaerator Fabrication to Your Specification

Alps Welding has been manufacturing for deaerator designers for over 30 years.

With 30 feet under the crane hook and 70 tons of lifting capacity, we can undertake some large projects and offer capabilities to our customers that other fabrication shops simply cannot. For this project, we fabricated a pair of vessels, a heater and storage tank, which are designed to stack on top of each other vertically. The fit of the one vessel on top of the other is critical and very difficult to correct in the field. With our facility, we are able to safely do a comprehensive trial-fit of the vessels, in their correct orientation. This allows us an opportunity to ensure proper fit and alignment, and gives our customer an opportunity to witness this important test prior to clearing the vessels for shipment to the site.

Deaerator Project Specification

Industry: Water treatment
Material: Carbon steel
Type of equipment: Tanks