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Heat Exchangers

Heat exchanger manufacturer

As an experienced heat exchanger manufacturer, we build custom shell-and-tube exchangers, condensers and economizers. We build exchangers for designers, EPC’s, and end users across North America. We can perform the mechanical engineering design required to generate fabrication models and drawings. In addition, we can do procurement, fabrication, and assembly, delivering a finished product  directly to your site. The materials we have experience with include aluminum, stainless, duplex, titanium, and brass, among others. Our capabilities are always expanding, and we are here to assist you with your critical projects.

Custom Heat Exchangers, Condensers, and Economizers

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These condensers are a couple of the largest we have built to date. Each is over 40' in length, contains over 4,000 brass tubes, and weighs over 125,000 pounds. We fabricated the shells, assembled the internals, including all of the baffle plates and stiffener rods, and inserted and expanded all of the tubes. We hydrotested the units in our facility, and because of their high weight-to-size ratio...
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