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Modular plant

In recent years, we have seen an increase in the demand for modular plant fabrication, and have developed a particular expertise in these projects.

This project involved 16 individual modules, each designed to fit on a single truck, to be erected and connected on site. We have the capability to fabricate the structural steel modules, including the required platforms, ladders, and railings. We can manufacture the vessels and associated piping for the modules, including supports, insulation, and the interconnecting piping from module to module. We can also take care of assembly, installation, and electrical wiring of any pumps, controls, sensors, or instrumentation required for the operation of the module. Most importantly, because of the space available in our plant and our crane capacity, we can trial fit all of the modules together, inside our building, to ensure that they will fit together properly when installed in the field.

Modular plant project specification

Industry: Power generation
Material: Carbon steel and Stainless steel
Type of equipment: Modules/skids